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Pavur Outdoors at Harmony Ranch implements a Holistic Management practice to better manage our natural resources in order to maintain a sustainable environment. We specialize in wildlife management to maintain and manage successful guided hunts for Trophy White-Tailed Deer, wild Bobwhite Quail, Rio Grande Turkey, Ducks, Dove, and Wild Hogs. All of our wildlife is managed by the landowner that has a degree in wildlife and fisheries management. In order to have a diverse abundance of wild game a harmonious balance between the soil, habitat, wild animals, and domestic livestock must be managed. We feed our wildlife year-round and provide seasonal food plots to increase high quality forage.

We have over 1,600 acres located near the Brazos River close to Seymour, TX (Baylor County). We are a short 10 min drive outside of Seymour. Depending on what you’re hunting you will find yourself hunting mesquite pastures, native grass pastures, deep gullies, creeks, bottom lands, thick brush, food plots, flooded timber, ponds, watering holes, and agricultural fields. If you’re a rifle hunter you will be hunting in a stand with some of the most amazing views that you will never forget. Some of the deer stands are located on ridges that allows you to see over 2 miles away. We offer pristine habitat that’s along a tributary that flows into the Brazos River. The Brazos River is less than 1 mile away.

Pavur Outdoors does provide lodging and meals to allow you a relaxing and enjoyable time. We can accomodate hunters of any age and experience level. If you have never hunted before we will tell you and show you everything you need to know for a successful hunt. We will also show you how to clean your game and what are the prize parts of the animal. If you have never cooked wild game before or want to learn new ways we will cook your game for you and tell you the secrets to having a five star dinner.

We offer a wide variety of wildlife to hunt, please click on the hunting tab located above, and click on what game you’re interested in hunting and more information and cost will be provided. We do provide combination hunts and you can add a guided fishing trip to any package. One day fishing trips are also available. We provide everything you need except for a fishing license. All tackle and bait is supplied and we do GUARANTEE that you will catch fish. After the end of your fishing trip we will clean your fish for you. So call now to reserve your Trophy Bluecat Trip, Channel Cat Trip, Crappie Trip, or a Sand Bass Trip. You can also look us up and “like” us on Facebook at: Pavur Outdoors to view live updates and recent pictures of our trips.

Our ultimate goal is for our hunters to come enjoy not only a great hunt but also make and share lifetime experiences in the great outdoors.

– Greg Pavur

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White-tail Deer

Hunt white-tail deer with us in Baylor County and we’ll use our hard work and professional experience to help make your visit enjoyable and successful.

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Wild Hogs

Hunt the elusive wild hogs in rugged pastures, deep gullies, creek bottoms, thick brush, and agricultural fields.

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Pavur Outdoors offers you the finest duck hunting in Texas. A wide range of different types of ducks visit us every year but mallards are king on Harmony Ranch.

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Baylor County is known for its high volume of dove, and here at Pavur Outdoors, we offer dove hunts in sunflowers, milo, wheat, native pastures, and around watering holes.

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Harmony Ranch has some of the highest populations of WILD Bobwhite Quail in Baylor County. We do not release pen-raised birds.

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We offer prime Rio Grande Turkey Hunts. Our hunting trips can be geared towards beginner or experienced hunters so we offer both fully guided hunts and semi-guided hunts.

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We offer some high action predator hunting, such as coyote, bobcat, raccoons, and skunks.

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If you have never gone frog hunting then you are really missing out! Our frog hunting trips are offered between May-October.

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Pavur Outdoors offers premier guided Catfish, Crappie, and Sand Bass trips. You are GUARANTEED TO CATCH FISH!!!!

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